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Have you found a product for a better price at some other store? Please let us match that price. Go to the product and click on the
PRICE MATCHlink below the purchase button. And well do our very best to match the price you found. We are willing to match all types of prices, but keep in mind that stores in other countries may have other rules when it comes to VAT/taxes, that we have to consider.
You need to enter your email and a link to the product that is sold for a cheaper price for us to check this and contact you when we are done.
We will do our very best to match any standard prices, but as you understand, there will be campaign and bait prices, as well as global prices, etc, that we will not be able to match. But please give it a try, and we will let you know as soon as possible.
For a price match, there are two requirements:
                   1, The product must be the same.
                   2, The product must be in stock in the store whose price we are going to match.
Also, it is important to know that all price matches are done by our personnel before purchase. We do not make any changes afterward.