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HPA Airsoft package - HPA M6A1 Carbine in the group Airsoft / Airsot rifles / Airsoft rifle at Wizeguy Sweden AB (as-mil-gun-003)
HPA Airsoft package - HPA M6A1 Carbine

HPA Airsoft package - HPA M6A1 Carbine

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Produkt: as-mil-gun-003
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Europe's most cost-effective HPA M4 airsoft rifle package! Full kit ready to play. If you want to start with HPA airsoft and test how it works without spending a fortune, then this complete package is perfect for you. Super cheap package where you only need to fill the tank to get started.

Milsig M6 HPA rifle - Semi-automatic HPA airsoft rifle that is fully mechanical. That means you don't need any battery. You just connect the hose (included) to the rifle and it's ready. No extra regulator is needed either. The rifle is full metal for a realistic feel and you can easily mount accessories on the top rail or M-Lok attachments on the rifle. Read more about the rifle on the product page for the rifle.

  • HPA airsoft rifle Fully mechanical - No battery
  • Full metal
  • No extra regulator needed, just the included hose
  • Safe & Semi firing modes
HPA air system and hose are included in the package so all you need to do is fill the tank and put it all together. The hose has an On/Off at the tank so you can easily turn the air on and off. On the rifle side there is a quick release that connects directly to the rifle at the stock.

Really good and approved protective goggles are included in the package for you to have the absolute best experience. Protective goggles should be used as soon as you handle an airsoft weapon.

HPA rifles often work better with slightly heavier bullets. That's why a bottle of really good and biodegradable 0.28g BB's is included. Which we think works really well in this rifle.

Included in the package:

  • Rifle: HPA M6A1 Carbine
  • HPA air system 200bar
  • Remote hose with quick release
  • Bollé protective goggles
  • Ammunition: Biodegradable 0.28g BB's

  • Air system: 1 st. DYE LT Airsystem 3000 psi 48ci ( luf-P3-3K-HP4)
  • Airsoft BB´s: 1 st. Open Blaster 0.28g Airsoft BB 3300pcs ( asg-19421), or
         1 st. Swiss Arms Platinum Bio 0.28g 3600 ( as-ka-bb-0010)
  • Protection: 1 st. Bollé Cobra ( optic-100001)
  • Remote Hose: 1 st. Valken Remote Coil with Quick Disconnect ( valken-air-0001)
  • Rifle: 1 st. Milsig HPA M6A1 Carbine ( as-mil-gun-001)
  • Accessories

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